The Chernobyl series are interested in renewable energy

| 22 September 2021

Pavel Somov shared his opinion with the Glavred portal on how not to repeat the Chernobyl disaster

More and more Ukrainians are choosing renewable energy sources: sun, wind and earth.

For several weeks now, Ukraine and the Chernobyl series have been thundering all over the world and arousing a lot of discussion and great interest among millions of people. All this is a history that has become a part of the life of Ukrainians and it is impossible to cross out or forget it. But, right now, a new generation of people can change the course of history and lifestyle, never again allowing a repetition of such large-scale disasters.

An expert in the construction of civil and industrial construction facilities Pavel Somov was educated in America and was directly involved in the implementation of construction and installation work during the post-liquidation period at the block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, commented on the situation in Ukraine.

“While studying in the USA, not everyone knew about Ukraine. Only a few people knew about this catastrophe on a global scale. Now the name of Ukraine is thundering all over the world with the history of the Chernobyl series, but right now we ourselves can choose a different life. Our country has every chance. start a new life and change the future of new generations. Ukrainians are very talented and enterprising, more and more people are interested in renewable energy technologies, eco-houses. People are changing their lifestyle to the most correct and comfortable, in peace with nature. Screaming plot of the Chernobyl series for millions of people once again emphasized all the salt and pain of the past and the need to change the way of life, minimizing all risks and switching to the use of natural materials and resources that will help to live! Only we are responsible for the state of the environment and our way of life “, – noted Somov.

As practice shows, in our country there are a lot of think tanks and a lot of bright minds who come up with and implement new technologies in peace with nature. We make discoveries and introduce new technologies. In many regions of Ukraine, an active transition to electricity generated by solar panels and wind farms is already underway. Construction companies are increasingly paying attention to energy efficient technologies and the construction of eco-complexes. It is not only the reputation and image of the country, but also the life of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The whole movement and platform Global 100% RE Ukraine was organized by the singer and public figure – Ruslana, who also received the status of the Ambassador of Renewable Energy in the world. By her example, she shows how you can live and provide all important processes for a comfortable life and work, on the energy of the sun, wind and earth.

The history of Chernobyl is an expensive lesson for Ukraine and the whole world, and a vivid example that something like this should not be allowed to happen. But, for some reason, only after the release of the American TV series, people began to massively become interested in all the details and delve into the topic of renewable energy.

As the expert noted, more and more Ukrainians are choosing renewable energy sources, namely the sun, wind and earth. These technologies are no longer an innovation, but a widely used practice not only in the industrial sector, but also in civil engineering. It is not just fashionable to introduce environmentally friendly technologies and build eco-houses, it is already a must.

“If a few years ago people played an eco-lifestyle to be trendy and fashionable, now the situation is changing for the better, and people are realizing how important the process of switching to clean energy is. From my experience I can say: eco is not only economy is ecology in the first place. Turning to some people, I would like to ask: how many more Chernobyl serials should be released in order for Ukrainians to become conscious in their choice of lifestyle ?! “, Somov noted.