Final cut: why you need author’s supervision during construction

| 22 September 2021

And how this procedure works

At any stage of construction, something can go wrong. Delivery of materials will be delayed, the foreman will decide to replace one of the materials with a cheaper “analogue” or change the color scheme, the client will want to make changes at a time when it is better not to change anything … So that none of this affects the end result the general concept is violated, regular control by the author of the project is important. What is the need for author’s supervision at the construction stage of the facility and what is the role of such a specialist, said Mind, founder and head of the design bureau Ecobud Project Marina Kruglova.

Having a well-thought-out design project does not guarantee the desired result. Construction and repair work is a dynamic process, and at any stage there may be unforeseen nuances that are not taken into account in the project development process. Most often it is a human factor: insufficient qualification of workers, the desire of the contractor or client to change something during the work without the consent of the author.

There can be many such moments. In order to monitor all this, to control the accuracy of the work and to obtain a guarantee of the correct implementation of the project, it is advantageous for the customer to use the services of author’s support or author’s supervision.

Author’s supervision is the main backstage of architectural structures of designers and architects, beautiful interiors and exteriors.

Many do not fully understand the essence and necessity of this service. After all, if the agreed project already contains all the detailed information and necessary instructions, why do you need someone else? It turns out to be necessary.

Ignorance of even minor moments can lead to the detection of pitfalls that were not known before, in the first stage, to problems in construction and project management. And – as a result – to significant financial losses.

The main task of the designer-architect is to convey all the necessary information in the form of a technical plan, as well as not just to make presentable visuals – a “beautiful picture”, to put it simply, but also to make it a reality. After all, the value of a project is not in this “picture”, but in its correct implementation – when the expected result really coincides with reality.

Why do you need author’s supervision?

The frequent reason for refusing author’s supervision is quite trivial: why do you need extra money, if you can do without it? Here are just a few who think that further, already in the process of operation, you can lose much more money if you do not take into account and eliminate defects or inaccuracies that have arisen. In this case, the service of author’s supervision is not only justified but also necessary.

Author’s supervision is not only a visit to the construction site, but also the linking of engineering solutions, as well as all sorts of changes that occur in the process of the foreman with third parties. The main task of the specialist is to make sure that all decisions are made properly, so that the aesthetic part and the concept itself are not violated. And it can happen at any stage.

Often construction crews do not even know how to work with certain materials included in the project. They can easily ignore some what they think are “unimportant” details, replacing one material with another, which, in their opinion, is almost no different.

But even a small change in the color of the material can actually play a big role in the overall concept. Builders may miss something, gossip or just not pay attention to it.

And vice versa. A foreman with extensive experience may decide that he knows better how to build and ignore the drawings, putting his professionalism above the project documents.

At first glance, this may even be imperceptible, but in the case of a number of such “changes” the result will adversely affect the further course of work, repairs and overall appearance. The same foreman can make his adjustments to the project, considering them correct and “more beautiful”. But the client, if they try to convince him of the need for such changes, will not always be able to defend their views and overall design as the author of the project will do.

In the presence of author’s supervision, such initiative on the part of builders is impossible, and the interests of the customer, the concept and style of the project will be reliably protected.

How does it work?

Support of author’s supervision depends on the scale of construction, its complexity and features of the object. But for the most part it provides standard and necessary services:

  • Departure of the author to the object. The number of departures and length of stay are initially specified in the contract, but this usually happens at least once a week for two hours. Additional visits are paid.
  • Checking the compliance of the work with existing plans.
  • Control over the purchase of quality materials, the choice of colors corresponding to the project.
  • Building communications with suppliers, supervision of timely delivery of goods.
  • Clarification of technical issues regarding drawings.
  • Explain the intricacies of working with materials that are unfamiliar to the construction crew.
  • Making adjustments to the author’s plans in consultation with the foreman, builders and craftsmen.
  • Informing the client about the progress of repairs and providing advice if necessary.

When ordering the author’s supervision service, the client first of all insures himself on the following points:

  • saves your time;
  • saves his nerves, because communication with the foreman and the construction team – it’s quite troublesome;
  • reduces its construction costs. For recycling one way or another then have to pay if the overall plan is violated. But the designer can prevent mistakes at the stage of their occurrence. In addition, he will monitor the consumption of materials, which will also help avoid unnecessary costs.

It is important to understand that designer and builder are different specialties. It is the responsibility of the designer (author) to monitor the compliance of the plan and issue competent technical solutions. This is what speaks of the professionalism of the author of the project.

Sometimes the author of the project can combine supervision and complete set. In this case, additional control is exercised over the purchase of furniture and decor, if necessary – over their placement. But it is still better not to mix these two processes, giving the internal equipment of the object to a specialist.

As in any field, everyone should be in their place and do what they are qualified to do better than others. Construction and repair work is no exception. The designer-architect must create a project taking into account all technical solutions, the construction team must build.

The author of the project should also make sure that all works are performed without failures, according to plans and deadlines, without violations and various abuses by third parties, because only he knows what the result should be, and he is responsible for its final implementation. .

In general, the task of author’s supervision performed by the author of the project is to protect the interests of the client and get the exact implementation of the project.

Without professional author’s supervision, it is impossible to implement a quality project – whether it is the construction of a multi-storey shopping and entertainment complex or major repairs in the apartment.

For the client, this is not just a service, it is a guarantee that the result will meet expectations. To some extent, insurance for all cases of the construction period.