Duplex is becoming more and more relevant

| 22 September 2021

Duplex is becoming more and more relevant
The duplex is a detached country house, divided by a common wall into two halves under a common roof, designed for two families. In recent years, “duplexes” have become more and more relevant and often appear in advertisements for the sale of residential real estate.

Each independent part of the duplex is considered an individual residential building. Each half has all the necessary communications, a separate entrance and a small (up to 8-10 acres) garden area. In general, this is a budget option for a cozy suburban housing.

Duplex is right for you if:
– You want to live next to a family of relatives, but not together.
– You need a comfortable home on land, but at an affordable price.
– Your family wants to buy such housing, half of which can be rented out, and to keep order.
– You plan to get a private house with minimal construction costs, and you are ready to share a common adjoining territory with your neighbor’s family.