Builds eco-houses that are heated by the warmth of the earth. The story of an unusual developer

| 22 September 2021

Pavel Somov graduated from high school in the USA, where he became imbued with the American style of country life. He continued his studies at the university already at home, in Kiev, and his career path in hiring began in the field of finance. Now the entrepreneur manages his own group of companies “Ecobud Building Group”. One of his personal principles in life, he considers harmony with nature and is guided by it in construction. Here is his story.

– I am engaged in the development of real estate and the provision of services for the design and construction of residential and commercial real estate in Kiev and the region. We build up empty land plots and take on unfinished projects. Initially, we were only engaged in construction, and now “Ecobud” has grown into a group of companies – an architectural bureau, a developer company and a construction group.

We design houses and towns that are designed to use alternative energy (wind, water, sun). Right now, we are engaged in the implementation of such a project for the construction of a cottage town, where houses with facades made of natural stone are equipped with geothermal pumps, roofs are covered with greenery, roads are lined with granite paving stones. This is how the town will look after the completion of construction.

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Over the 5 years of our presence on the Ukrainian market, we have found many interesting solutions for our business – I want to share the experience gained during this time and tell the story of the company.


It so happened that I graduated from high school in the United States, received a higher education in international economics in Kiev. He began his career in finance at a large dairy production and export company. Then he worked in the marketing and sales of a real estate development company. The last step before starting your own business was the management of a construction company in Kiev.

The idea for my business was finally formed when I was carefully looking for a place to build my country house. I visited quite a few locations, which I appreciated critically.

Extensive experience in construction and the desire to create a certain ideal style and culture of suburban life in the suburbs of the capital led me to a clear understanding that I can really change something.

My business started in 2014. The easiest thing for me was to come up with a name. For me, preserving the environment is one of the priorities in life, so the name “Ecobud” was born by itself. This was followed by the creation of a legal entity and the receipt of all the necessary licenses and permits for the functioning of the company.


The main efforts were aimed at forming a team of professionals and like-minded people. For a construction organization, it is essential to have competent engineering and technical personnel, organizers at construction sites. They are the main core of my company. For these vacancies I selected from those whom I had known for many years – I was friends with someone, I already had to work with someone. I have collected those in whom I am 100% sure both from the professional side and in terms of human qualities, which, in my opinion, is very important.

At the moment, the company employs more than a hundred employees, whose tasks include:

Financial management (accounting, management accounting), legal support – all this takes place at the head office

Specialized work (architects, engineers, sales managers) – not only in the office, but also at the facilities.

The next important stage after the start was the first contracts. With this it was easier for me: when you have been on the market for several years, and the market is not so big, and there is already a well-coordinated team behind you, united by a common goal and charged with work, the contract is a matter of time. We got the first one almost immediately after the start.