Calm, only calm: modern trends in interior design How lockdown changed the way we organize housing

| 27 September 2021

Pandemic called for more hours of snarling boules to spend in the darkened space. Bagato hto, after re-comprehending the power of the living, growing up for itself and giving the first chance to comfort, ergonomics and practicality. Zvidsy winnicky winks in the region’s design interior. The apartment has already ceased to be just for the lunatics, now there is a new office, a restaurant, and a gym, as well as a zone for changing those hobbies.

Among the key trends of this year are the most pronounced ones – minimalism, comfort, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. Long-term trends in color and the overall concept of living space design are still relevant and easily coexist with micro-trends that have arisen under the influence of the pandemic. What and how influenced the development of trends in interior design in 2021-22 Marina Kruglova, the founder and head of the Ecobud Project design bureau, tells especially for Mind what to pay attention to when planning the arrangement of your home.

New functions and how to implement

The functional has expanded significantly, so it has integrated into the whole on the way to the area of ​​the living. With the greatest amount of navantazhennya itself fell on the outside zone – the vitality. For this reason, the main trend can be called virivnyuvannya space. For example, the same kitchen is not so popular, it is also a lot of designers to use one zone, transforming the space into a free loft.


But even in combined rooms, privacy should be maintained. Especially if more than two people live in the apartment, of which at least one works remotely.


To organize a full-fledged workplace, if major repairs are not planned in the near future, you can start with a simple rearrangement, freeing up a small but secluded area for an “office”. As a potential place for a table, you can even consider the space of a window sill or a balcony when it is insulated. If there are no such places in the apartment, you can completely get by with a small folding table, which will become a temporary replacement for the workplace.

“Stylish” does not mean “pretentious”

As for the overall style of the interior, the hygge style, which became popular a few years ago, is still relevant. This is the Scandinavian coziness we are accustomed to with restrained decor, light colors and natural elements.



But along with it, a relatively new style – “japanji” is gaining momentum and becoming more and more in demand. It is a symbiosis of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics – a combination of practicality and comfort with minimalism. Moreover, both of these styles are aimed primarily at simplicity, functionality and the use of natural materials, which are precisely the main trends.

The main direction of the japanji style is light rooms both from the point of view of natural lighting, which implies the absence of heavy and multi-layered curtains, and the absence of everything superfluous and burdensome.

Color spectrum

When choosing a color scheme for a home, one should take into account not only trends, but also aspects such as existing furniture and textures, their combination and the possibility of easy renewal in the future, if – or rather when – trends change again. Nevertheless, achromats in the form of black and white are still popular, as well as shades of gray and other muted tones that allow you to diversify the overall look and add “color”.


With a long stay of a person in closed rooms, the abundance of bright colors and interior details can only irritate him. Therefore, calm pastel colors not only consolidated their positions, but also became simply necessary for the safety of comfort.


As a base, beige color is recognized as the most popular – both in cold and warm shades. For example, Brave Ground, named by the Dulux paint brand as the color of the year 2022.




If we talk about color micro-trends, the favorite of 2021 is the classic blue, which is likely to continue into 2022. But, rather, not in its classic shade, but in the form of the entire palette of blue.

By the way, another paint brand – Benjamin Moore – chose Aegean Teal as the main shade for 2022, which is a dusty mixture of muted blue and green with elements of gray.


Furniture made of light wood remains at the peak of popularity – it allows you to emphasize the design of the room and adds comfort. Light rattan can also be called one of the trends. And if earlier wicker rattan furniture was purchased exclusively for country houses, today this material quite well fits into the interior of the apartment.



Handmade and vintage pieces of furniture (tables, dressers, wardrobes, poufs) are also relevant. And with regard to upholstered furniture, the choice is more often inclined towards convenience and comfort, and only then towards a certain style.

From fabrics – velvet is still a design trend. As for the color scheme, it all depends on the general style, but gray, mustard yellow, green and pale pink are especially popular.

In the design of the kitchen, there is an increasingly visible departure from the many wall cabinets. They are replaced with open shelves, or the walls are left empty altogether, organizing storage areas in the lower part of furniture, storage rooms or free-standing structures (in the kitchen or in utility rooms). At the same time, a small coffee table with a stone countertop, a massive stone kitchen island or an apron can become an excellent accent in the kitchen area.



As for the common residential areas, the open-plan trend remains in demand, allowing you to zone and, over time, painlessly, with minimal labor costs, to reorganize the space.

This is especially true if there is a need to equip a full-fledged workplace, play area, etc. in the house. Moreover, this is relevant for any rooms, including for children, when there is a need to create a completely fenced-off space in which the child would not be distracted from his studies.

Preferences go towards flexible, mobile zoning, for which both transformer shelving systems and various partitions, small racks and even chests of drawers are used.

Materials (edit)

Natural materials and textures that have consolidated their positions in 2021 will not lose their relevance next year. And this applies to everything: finishing, furniture, and decor. As a floor covering, carpet and laminate are used less and less, and more and more often – natural wood and micro-concrete. In addition to parquet boards or ordinary tiles, terrazzo floors are also very popular.



Simplicity is also visible in the design of the walls: no wallpaper – plaster and painting.

But at the same time, the textural design will look original, which can be achieved both with the help of special materials (the same plaster, for example), and inserts made of natural stone, wooden panels or metal elements. Among the most popular textures are stone, onyx, marble, granite and light wood, complemented by natural textiles and ceramics.

Decor elements

With home decor elements, everything is much simpler. Minimalism is also welcome here, but vintage details are replacing ultra-fashionable details. It can be either new and specially aged things, or really vintage, but competently restored.



At the same time, it is important to remember that they must also be chosen wisely and correspond to the general style of the interior, so that an apartment or a separate room does not resemble a museum.

One, but bright design element, which will have an interesting shape, standing out against the general background, is quite enough. It can be a large mirror, a painting, a vase, a floor lamp, a table lamp, an original pouf – whatever.

Home garden

Home decoration with plants is not a new trend, but it is especially relevant right now. Green décor in homes is calming and complements the overall style, particularly in the kitchen and dining room.



The desire to be closer to nature and maintaining the theme of ecology has led to the fact that living plants also begin to take up more and more space in apartments. But we are not talking about racks cluttered with flower pots, but about a point and correct arrangement.

It is better to start with unpretentious specimens, such as ficus or monstera. And do not overdo it, because too much greenery in the apartment is not only ugly, but also not so cozy. And if, on top of everything else, they are incorrectly grouped, located in not entirely successful areas, and the pots are selected without taking into account the general style, the room will rather resemble a neglected “greenhouse”. It is not necessary to arrange greenhouses in every corner and on every windowsill; one or two flowers will be enough.